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Stairs to Loft

Getting the Right Loft Stairs for Your New Conversion is important.


Without a doubt adding the loft stairs is one of the most important elements, in both an aesthetic and practical sense, of your new Loft Conversion. 


Getting the staircase and access right will have a massive bearing on the success of your project but the Building Regulations throw up a number of things that you will need to consider when planning your staircase to the loft. 


Adding a new floor or story to a home requires a permanent staircase except when a basic storage solution is being built.


In a very few instances a fixed ladder can be used but the vast majority of conversions will need a staircase. In any event, it is highly unlikely that you would even consider a ladder.  


The usual solution is a traditional flight of stairs. Installing this style of access is usually straight-forward though it is desirable that there be a clear 2m of headroom though 1.8m or sometimes less can be worked around.


We, also have over 10 years experience in Loft Conversions, House Extensions and House Refurbishments.  


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