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Insurance Claims for Building Works

What to expect during a home and property flood claim



Insurance, protection, flood damage:


To make a list of the contents of your home but if you haven’t already made a list of your possessions for such an emergency then you should do so as soon as you are able to get back into your property, before items are disposed of. Make a note what they are, their make and model wherever possible and take photographs if you can. This will speed up the claims process.


Also, make sure you make a note of the time your property was flooded, how long the water was in your home and the depth it was flooded to – making a mark on the wall if you can. All this information will be very helpful.


If need emergency repairs then you may contact us. If you have had emergency repairs done before you alerted your insurer for any reason then please keep the receipts to add to your claim. If any emergency repairs were done by us then we will supply your with then repair receipts. We would advise you to avoid sanctioning any pre-claim repairs, unless absolutely necessary.


The Insurer may ask you to get two or more repair estimates. Once this happens then you contact us. We can quote for repair Estimates. We charge £ 50 + VAT for smaller claims quote or £ 100 + VAT for larger claims quote. These charges are fully refundable once we complete the repair works.

We, also have many years experience in Insurance Repairs and House Extension.

What ever your requirements or ideas please do not hesitate to contact us.