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Loft Conversion Requirements

Is My Loft Suitable for a Conversion?


Provided there is sufficient headroom, most roofs can be converted. You need to think about what type of conversion you want, where the stairs will go and what changes may be needed to the plumbing system.


Roof type

There are main types of roof construction, the traditional rafter and purlin or the modern trussed roof. Generally the older type of roof is easier to convert as it has a steep pitch that gives the headroom required. Most houses built before the 1960s will have the traditional rafter and purlin design.



As a general rule you will need a minimum height of 2.3 metres across around half of the floor area to make a conversion worthwhile. There isn't much point having an extra room if you can't stand up in it!



An important consideration is where the stairs for the new loft conversion will go. A common solution is to remove an airing cupboard which is often on the first floor landing this leaves a convenient space for the stairs but means that the hot water cylinder needs to be either removed or re located. Sometimes part of an existing bedroom is used for the stairs, we do not recommend this approach unless you have very large bedrooms as the lost space detracts from the benefits of the additional bedroom in the loft.

We, also have many years experience in Loft Conversions and House Extension.


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